We always see children sleeping along the polluted sides of busy streets, children searching for food in garbage just to fill their empty stomachs, unafraid youngsters crossing deadly streets begging some coins from pitiless people in their luxurious cars. These are just some of the many heart-breaking scenarios we encounter every day.

It is so hard to think that while some are wasting their wealth for not-so-important things, many of us are suffering from extreme poverty. Many Filipino families risk their lives living on sidewalks, because of poverty. They don’t have any option anyway. They don’t have a place where they can build their house. They don’t even have the capability to do so. They just satisfy themselves with their cart or much-known as “kariton” as their home. They use newspapers, plastics, and/or cartons as their blankets. It is very dangerous especially for the children to live in this morbid place. But even if their parents have a strong desire to move them in the most convenient place, still, they can do nothing, but to cry silently and wish they had an occupation that can support their family.

Children are affected the most in these situations, they cannot go to school, eat at least three times a day and clothe themselves properly. Instead of playing or studying, they are already working. Is this what the nation’s hope deserves? They are born innocent, but they are the ones who suffer the most. Poor children. They are just victims of this underdeveloped country.

We are aware with these existing problems, but the worst is, many people think this is just normal (as if they don’t care that many children die because of starvation, disease, vehicular accidents, etc.). It is frustrating that many of us are insensitive. Why don’t we unite in solving these problems? But in the first place, how can we solve these if many don’t want to be involved? It is disappointing!

How I wish the scenarios mentioned do not happen. I hope no more children would die, because of poverty, that all children can play, enjoy their childhood, go to school, and have proper nutrition and clothing. How I wish these problems never existed. I am just hoping that this too, shall pass.


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