Filipino Traits: Threat to our Country’s Development

Filipinos are very complacent. Most of us are happy-go-lucky. In the documentary “Sa Mga Mata ni Ekang,” the young girl’s mother mentioned that they were rich before, but now what happened? They became poor, because they wasted all their money with their “useless unlimited wants” instead of saving their money for future use.

Filipinos are positive thinkers. Even if we have problems, we always think that all of these will turn out well. How will we solve these problems, if we are so relaxed? We lack action. There are a lot of solutions for a certain problem. “If we have the easiest alternative or solution, then why don’t we go for it?” Many Filipinos would think this way. Of course, we are smart, in the sense that we always chose the shortcut or the easiest way to solve a problem.

In solving poverty, specifically, we have to work hard in order to earn money. However, there are those people who call themselves “madiskarte.” They would solve their problems in the easiest way they could think of. Prostitution, which is one of the major problems seen in the documentary is just one of those “many easier and faster way” of earning money. One can also do robbery, kidnapping, and other indecent jobs, which all result to moral degradation. Some of us are greedy. For instance, we have these “smart” government officials, who are robbing the nation’s wealth for their own benefit.

What I have mentioned are just some of the many negative traits that most Filipinos posses. Aren’t these traits threatening our country’s development?


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