Stop Rebellion through Communication and Achieve Development

The presence of the NPA, Abu Sayyaf, MILF, and other rebellious groups in the Philippines is one of the major reasons why we are still underdeveloped. In fact, according to the 2003 study of the NSCB, seven of the ten poorest provinces in the country are found in Mindanao, which is known as the hiding place of the said armed groups. This makes us think that the reason why those provinces are poor is the chaos brought by the rebels.

Rebellion has been a problem of our country. To solve this, the government has been conducting peace talks and negotiations with them, but still we can hardly see any improvement. The rebels continue causing commotion. They scare people with bombs. They kidnap and ask for ransoms. What they do definitely hinders the Philippines’ development.

Though everybody might say it’s impossible, I believe that through effective communication, there will be reconciliation between the government and the said groups. Conflict resolution is one of the roles of communication.

I suggest that the government has to be more focused in solving the said problem. More efforts should be exerted and frequent communication with the rebels must be done so that an agreement will be obtained.

If we can stop the problem of rebellion in Mindanao and in the other parts of the country, not only the provinces there will achieve development, but the whole country as well. Through communication, there will be a mutual understanding between the said parties. As it was before, Filipinos will be united again. And that would be the start of the country’s long-waited development.


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