I’m on the Right Path

Before, I do not know what Development Communication is about. I just wrote it in the choices, because it sounds good. Fortunately, I passed the UPCAT, and here I am now.

Because of Dev Com 10 or Introduction to Development Communication, I now have a clear idea about the course I am taking. It seems that I have chosen the right course. And it was not an accident.

When I was younger, I’ve dreamt of reporting news, writing articles, and helping the powerless voice out their problems. I think I am on the right path, because through Dev Com, those dreams will be a reality.

I was inspired by Ms. Lourdes Margarita Caballero’s stories about her profession. I also like to go to different places, and meet different people. Like her, I want to cover their stories, and let the world notice them.

“You cannot change their lives’ by just a story,” Ms. Caballero mentioned. I agree with her, but at least through those stories, people would be aware of what is happening in reality.

In the future, I want to see myself writing and editing developmental news and feature articles. I want to be a development journalist. I will present facts and inform the people about development and underdevelopment issues through my articles. Hopefully, those articles would open the eyes and touch the hearts of the readers.

I am now here at the starting point, preparing for my journey to becoming a development journalist. I will survive.


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