Green Politics for Greener Filipino Homes

Anyone can easily say that in order to have a “greener” home or an environment friendly homethe household should recycle, reduce consumption of energy, conserve water, plant trees around the house, and support pro-environment advocacies. This is of course applicable only when we are talking about families who have decent houses, or houses that have at least a bedroom, a kitchen, and a comfort room.Unfortunately, most Filipino families have homes that they cannot even call a house. What would they recycle if their homes are already made of recycled materials? What would they conserve if they do not even have water and electricity?

Marginalized Filipinos live with “gray” surroundings or environment of trash with foul fumes or an environment with smokes from different vehicles. For them to have green homes, the country needs “green politics” or politicians who care about both the environment and the marginalized Filipinos.


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