Lessons about Scientists, Media, and Science Stories

People have been aware of the flaws in the media like corruption and sensationalized or exaggerated reporting. Thus, the media has always been blamed for misleading the public by providing them distorted or inaccurate science stories. After reading the European Molecular Biology Organization’s article “Bad Science in the Headline,” I just realized that scientists could also be blamed.

I just knew that like the media in general, some people from the science community also like their stories or studies to be controversial for them to gain popularity. They use the media to disseminate the information that they want and then they will get the attention that they desire.

Big controversies always make it to the front page of national dailies since it easily catches the attention of a curious reader. Again, when it comes to controversies, the government is never absent. Again, it is about politics. The common science stories that are controversial are those that are related with political figures and government decisions or programs.

Scientists conduct millions of researches, because those researches will be very beneficial to our community in general. Those researches will be used for planning programs that would protect the people from harm and would improve their way of living.

The political issues behind a science story have always been the focus of most media reports instead of the science or the information itself that would benefit the society.

The media and the scientists have a similar goal. That is to inform people and empower them with knowledge. Both should collaborate and stop deceiving the people by distorting facts because of personal motives. There should just be a mutual understanding between the makers of information and those who shares information to the general public.



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