Because of Dev Com 122 . . .

I am now interested with science reporting.

Before I took DEVC122 or Science Reporting, all I want to write is about economics and politics. Now, I would also like to write about science. I just realized that stories about economics and politics are usually the same. In those stories, we always encounter corruption, capitalism, scarcity of resources, and so on. I think science stories are different. Every now and then, new inventions are made, and old conceptions are debunked by new discoveries. That is because science is always changing.

For me, science is interesting. But for many people, it is boring. That is probably the downside about writing science articles. It may be implanted to people’s minds that science articles are very technical. So if they do not have a technical background, they would not bother reading those articles. In other words, many of us might be thinking that science is only for the “educated,” when in fact, science is for everyone. Here comes the media’s role to communicate science to the general public. It is the media’s role to bridge the gap between the scientists, who creates the information, and the lay persons, who are the end users of the scientists’ works.

It is just a sad fact that science reporting is not the focus of our mainstream media. It is also, because of this fact that I was not able to notice earlier that science reporting is also important, and that science is also an interesting beat. DEVC122 made me realize that there are indeed a lot of science topics out there. The usual topics like pollution, overpopulation, natural calamities, communicable diseases, and so on are all scientific in nature. It’s just that when these topics are reported, more emphasis is given to their political or economic aspects rather than the science behind them.

It is really a challenge for science journalists to make a science article appealing and interesting for the readers, without distorting the facts and “overlaymanizing” technical terms. I really thought that communicating science is very easy. After doing my magazine feature, I realized that science writing is really challenging. It is hard to make an article that is both scientifically-correct and interesting. In addition to this, it is also hard to process so many technical researches about the topic. I have researched a lot about my topic, but in the end it seems that I wrote a boring, disorganized, and nonsense feature. That is probably why I got a low score.

DEVC122 is very stressful. It reminded me that writing is a process, and that writing is not really easy.

Research. Read. Analyze. Interview. Write. Edit. Revise.

I now know those steps by heart, because of DEVC122. This subject really made me feel that my major is Development Journalism. It made me realize that journalism is not really easy. In DEVC122, we always have to write, and write, and write, and write. I love writing, but there are these moments that I just can’t write (logically). It really frustrates me when I have spent several hours in front of this computer, yet I was not able to write at least a sensible sentence.  It makes me think: “Will I really be a journalist?”

Journalists should always meet their deadlines. I keep that in mind. I was just thinking if I should pass an article that is not yet finish so I can submit on time or if I should finish it and pass it even if it is already late.

DEVC122 may have caused me a lot of stress, but it also taught me a lot of lessons. It made me equipped for more challenges that I will face as I continue my JOURNey. Because of DEVC122, I realized that I have to be more prepared for many writing exercises and other challenges.

My experience in DEVC122 inspires me to continue learning and improving. I still want to be a development journalist.


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